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Dear Customers,


All the order placed are under review by us and paypal so all order are under hold from 17-9-2018 till 20-09-2018 orders rest order has been processed




7 thoughts on “Update

  1. I orderd pack of 1000*5 amazon egv on home delivery. which is blue gift box . still no any update. shiped it or will go to consumer court…

    3463 ,3882 order id…..

    1. we have asked you if we can share image via email

      1. still no any updte on my order. physical amazon gift card

  2. Ok send me on mail no issue. but today end of the day …

  3. Well, my orders were from 16 September so then what’s your excuse for not fulfilling my orders yet?!! No response to my support ticket and no fulfillment of my orders even after 5 days. I am starting to suspect your intentions.

    Order #5537 and 5541.

    1. order was processed long back please check your spam folder as well

      1. Incomplete/incorrect information was sent. Check ticket id #13688.

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